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Originally Posted by retrodog View Post
I have both here side by side. Both trades, I agree with the guy earlier the Fastrak looks a little beefier. I like the Scag with the motor turned the right way instead of to the side, and I like the bars on the rearend of the scag protecting the motor. Here is my negative on the scag. I don't know if its a weird coincedence or what, but the one Bad Boy I sold with a 19hp Kawasaki for a homeowner in 2008 crapped out last week (just installed a new one on it for $1550), and on a Scag 48" 19hp I got on trade couple weeks ago is smoking like i am spraying mosquitos. I just got rebuild parts to rebuild both the old BB motor and the scag. This is the only 2 kawasaki 19hp I have ever touched, sold ,or seen in 5 years I have been a mower dealer, and they both require rebuild same week. Both motors were built in 2008 and both were homeowner owned very well taken care of. I personally would lean someone on a machine with the 23 or 25hp more streamline kawa here with much less issues. Percentage wise the 19hp has a 100% failure rate here within 300 hours on one, and 1200 hours on the The Scag does a have bigger discharge chute opening, but they cut so identacle its scary.... no wet lush grass to compare though.
Thanks! This was really helpful! I'm leaning more towards the fast trak with the 24hp Kawasaki.
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