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Originally Posted by hustlermidwest View Post
Just to put a little bias suggestion in this talk. I've worked for corporate lawn mower manufacturers and privately owned manufacturers. There is a big difference between the two when it comes to after the sale support. You will see at times Mr. Mullet engaging discussions on this sight. I don't recall any other President of a mower manufacturer doing that. The Corporate company answers to stock holders when the private company answers to you. When making a purchase as large as the one you are about to you need to look down the road at the after the sale support. I don't mean just the dealer, but the maker of the equipment. Hustler has your back.

I was mainly looking away from the hustler for a while and more at the scag due to the three local dealers here didn't represent them very well. Their inventory set outside all the time, arm rest were falling apart from the sun, rust on the key chains, etc. Just not real impressive for a $6k investment. I just found another dealer not much further away whose equipment is in perfect shap. Really takes care of his product. That another think that's swinging me back to hustler. About 90% sure that's where we r heading.

Brian O
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