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Originally Posted by nepatsfan View Post
We deal with mostly high end customers. Two reasons why you shouldn't post your prices. If you post your prices you are going after price shoppers. Not the people I wanna go after. If you wanna go after the price shoppers than all the other lowballers in the area will know what you are charging and be able to lowball you back.

As far as doing instant quotes on line-again live by the price sword die by the price sword. At the very least take a look at the job and sell the job on the phone, otherwise go to the property and meet with the customer. My closing rates are significantly higher when selling myself and my product rather than how cheap we can do it. Tell them what you do differently from the 50,000 landscapers around you. When someone goes to your website and looks for prices they are going to go with the cheapest.
Yeah you made some good points. It's funny, but I've only met about 15-20% of my customers. Most of my customers fill out a contact page on my website and prefer to be contacted through email. so...talking to them in person is usually not done at all, otherwise I would sell in person.
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