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I think you will be very satisfied and impressed with its power over your other one.

On the oil, I don't know about the 560 - but I was told on the 570/580 not to use Stihl oil specifically and make sure whatever oil I use is = the Husq Xp oil as the 570/580 run very hot and the Stihl oil will not hold up to the heat and might cause premature wear.

My Husqy dealer has a couple of LCO's with lots of Stihl equipment but they had dropped the blowers and gone with the 580's and they started toasting the engines. They narrowed it down to using the Stihl mix gas, once they switched, no more issues.

Cost is the same, so I bought a 6 pack of them to use with my 570 and my Echo gear that I have.

And with a 2 stroke, there generally is not much break in other than just use it.
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