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Originally Posted by jonthepain View Post
here in raleigh, the turf mgmnt dept at nc state recommends not watering at night because they believe that it increases the conditions that favor brown patch... not trying to start an argument here, i am wondering if it's because of the difference in location from you or something.
Just think Of my watering like an all night rain from mother nature! I only allow mother nature to irrigate when the turf is beginning to go understress, and will water as many nites as needed to wet the soil 3" deep.

If you lightly water ever night or everyother nite, which is very common scheduling of the irrigation people set up, perfect for brown patch!

Yes night watering helps many diseases, thats why I water as infrequent as possible! Deep, infrequent irrigation is the best for turfgrass!

Hope this helps
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