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Originally Posted by Brules View Post
I like the Scag stuff, and really want one - but I think at the Freedom Z price point, there are many more choices that are just as good if not better, OR if you pay a tad more you can get a whole lot more mower......

Look at the Fastrak Super Duty - it is right there with the Freedom Z price and I think you get more for your $ with it. $1000 more and you can get a Bad Boy Outlaw with 5400 Hydros.....

And to add to it, Gravely is coming out with a new Pro Turn to compete at the $5-6k range.....I am really looking forward to seeing how it is equipped.
I couldn't agree with you more about the scag freedom line. I would love to have a scag tiger cat but can't justify the couple thousand more dollars. If I was going to use it commercially absolutely but I have a big problem. My back gets real soar sleeping on the couch and that's where I'd be sleeping when my wife found out I dropped $8k on a mower for just our yard! Lol
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