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Hydraulic Valve

Ran into this guy and need some help. If possible I want to try a rebuild. The place I use to get old stuff has closed down and the local distributors are of no help. The valve is at the foot of a big oak and is a copper pipe system. Relocate and replace is a last resort, but may be the only way. I can flip the seat but I have to have a new diaphragm. Anybody ever make their own diaphragm? If so were did you get the material. The valve has Texas Lawn Sprinkler Co. on the top and is probably a 2" I haven't seen the pipe yet, too many roots. A Weathermatic 3" diaphragm is close in size around 7" diameter, but I need just a flex diaphragm the seat is separate on this valve. Open to any ideas. I've even thought about spraying the old diaphragm with that rubber sealer they advertize on TV for gutters.
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