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Originally Posted by RhettMan View Post
When controller off, no flow from drain tile...
when controller on, MV wire in, zone wire out, no flow
when controller on, MV wire in, zone wire in, flow from tile.

I outfitted all sprays nozzles on the zone with Closed VAN's to see if the meter would stop completely, sure enough, still rolling a few gpm's worth when the zone valve is wired in.

Perhaps worth noting, the heads and valves in question are on opposite sides of the house. the outlet from the zone valves is pointing staight toward the new house addition which now divides the yard, (or valve and heads).

___ Thanks guys

P.S. what are my options on tracking the lateral line by cutting into it near the located valve, and attaching a (for lack of the correct term, "chatterbox", "sound-maker", "water pipe tracker".

I suppose a could run a wire down the lateral and track it with a 521, seems that might be foiled by a 90 , etc.

anyway, thanks again yall! (you fixed the hammer issue btw
If I understand your problem right, you almost had it with the closed VANS.

Close all the VANS and set the zone for 15-20 min, then go find the wet spot. If you do not find a wet spot, put more time on the zone and wait.
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