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That's just the thing. my 4 man crew is running 4-6 yards per hour so we are never at a yard for more than 10-15 minutes. With 4 guys I'm not driving them to the gas station to piss every hour bc not all of them are going to go at the same time. Like I said we are drinking tons of water to stay hydrated. I have to pee once sometimes twice per hour. I'd easily lose over an hour just on pee breaks myself.

Maybe nobody quite understood. when we do pee it's in someones backyard on the very side of the house all the way down to the fence (peeing in the corner of the fence where absolutely no one would ever see our weiners. We always make sure there are no windows where someone might glance out and see us doing the deed. This guy just got curious and went out to check and went all the way around his house literally completely around the house to find him. Now had he been in the middle of the backyard peeing in his flowerbed and his wife looked out and could see him yah.

I guess i'm just a southern boy used to peeing off my back porch instead of the toilet.
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