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Originally Posted by OakNut View Post
The biggest mistake was trying to explain, or "rationalize" it to the client.
That would have ticked me off to have someone try to make excuses for their employee pi$$ing in my yard.
i looked at my original post. it did make it sound like i was making excuses to the customer. I meant that i kept apologizing over and over and said it would never happen again. The part where I was making my excuses was to all of you on here. i never said any of that to the customer. def smarter than that when a customer is pissed off about something. I always make sure they know i agree with them they are completely right and will not happen again. I guess i just think of it as if someone was at my house say working on my hot tub and had to pee i wouldn't give two shits if they went down on the side of the house and peed on the fence.
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