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All the saws mentioned are of decent (to excellent) quality, and would probably serve most home owners well. Probably the best reason to choose any one of them is dealer support. Virtually anywhere you go with a saw, there's a good Stihl dealer nearby. And tons of info available. Try finding info about fixing other brands.

If you don't know how to tune a 2-stroke,you need a good dealer to set your carb for break in then retune for performance after a few tanks of fuel. New 2-strokes (especially those from box stores) are set up too lean to meet EPA mandates. They run good for a while and die very early.

In my experience Echo is the best saw you can buy at midnight at HD. Echo is worlds better than homelite, Poulon, Craftsman. Stihl is the easiest to find parts/service for almost anywhere
there are trees.

Shin, Dolmar, Husqvarna, Echo, Makita, Stihl. All make excellent light use saws. Just make sure you have support where you plan to use it. What happens if your dealer closes? Better have options. Best saw in the world is useless if parts (and expertise)aren't readily available.

Another unpaid endorsement. Try looking for used Stihls. They sell for almost as much used as new. Most of the others don't fetch more than half price used (especially echo saws). A new Stihl will last a home owner a decade and probably still sell for half what you paid. It's a no brainer really.

I have and use Echo and Stihl saws. Really like both.
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