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Originally Posted by timturf View Post
Well 72 sure isn't older than dirt! Now maybe 92 is?

Retiring, What?

Does that mean an old fart like you lost the ability to learn new turfgrass tricks?

Maybe not the ability but the Desire to learn anything new about Landscape has long got up and went.

I'm not planning on making it that long, but close to it!

I'm now the biotic turfgrass man!

Chech your pm, their might be a belated birthday gift just for you!

My PM box stays full by design. Do you still use your E mail address from Years ago?? I have been sending you E mails with no returns.

Wish you well in the accounts and quipment sell off!

I posted the Pesticide company For Sale Here on LS first. I even offered Financing and staying on as CPOIC. I got no response. Wednesday I posted it on Cragslist and have 3 serious buyer (all CPO) willing to pay cash and a dollar on the dollar of a years gross the standard going price. I knew I would not have any problem selling accounts. Business Broker are constantly Spaming Pest Control companies looking for accounts. Demand out weights Supply because Florida Pest Control is so profitable. Plus my accounts while not a huge number are Primo.

biotic Pita
Tim you should have my E mail address. If not post so here and I will delete a PM and send you my E mail address.


it is one thing to do a off label applications. It is total stupidity to post it on the world wide web and expect people to approve.

You can lead a Donkey to water but you can't make the Jackass Drink

My People Skills are Fine. It is my Idiot Tolerance Skills That needs Work.

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