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Originally Posted by CLS LLC View Post
It doesn't seem that you are planning to move the location of your axles (which would obviously require a lot more work on your part) but I feel that it would be necessary to make this trailer safe. You really should have 40% of the trailer length behind the axles and 60% in front, it seems like when you're done, you're going to be closer to 20/80 respectively causing far too much tongue weight, even for a goose neck, your tongue weight issue will then be exacerbated by the weight of the dump insert itself and then further so by the weight of the material in the dump insert.
I have thought alot about this, I have to upgrade the 2 axles to boost up the gvw. I was thinking of upgrading to 7000 lb axles, then I took a look at my enclosed trailer and if I were to move them ahead, I would loose my side door. The only other option would be to move the side door from where it is up front, to behind the axles......
Also I was thinking today, instead of building a whole new sub frame to place the enclosed trailer and dump insert on, maybe I would just cut off the existing tounge and then get some slightly smaller tube and slide it into the existing rails and then slide the right size tube over that. It would make it stronger and also easier to weld.
Keep the comments coming, it's nice to have other people taking a look at this build before I get started and putting in their 2 cents!
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