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Originally Posted by olmod View Post
Here is a before pic. I am having a problem getting it to load the others so I will post when I get it figured out.

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It you're replacing the wall in the pic - you're screwed. Definitely needs engineered no ifs or buts about it. To even consider doing wall to replace the one in the pic with no engineering is flat out incompetent. You are probably hating me right now. I'm sorry, but I can't say anything encouraging based on all I've read and based on the wall in the pic you posted.

My employees have done tons of walls. Installed a gazillion pavers. But they're not qualified to be contractors as they know nothing about WHY engineering is necessary. They know nothing about liability and Lawsuits. They dont even know anything about drafting a detailed, fair contract. You say you build all sorts of walls. So have my immigrant staff.

I would love to see your contract in its entirety for this job.

A scary job for a rookie to have going into winter. If you didn't price it right and you run out of dinero - you may not have any money after the job is complete to pay Your home heating bill.

As simon cowell Used fo say - You're not going to Hollywood

Pictures and threads like this have given me an idea for launching a forum geared towards beginner hardscapers. An idea that's been in my head for about a year now. I even have a simple and easy to remember domain name in my head . I just don't know if I want the head ache of moderating.

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