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Well, I used to do that in my earlier years but once or twice I ran into trouble as well,
and I mean a lot of folks don't realize it but that stuff stinks!

More than anything that's what stops me, even days or a week later the smell could offend someone.
What if relatives are out to visit, and ohhh what's that smell, omg it really smells over HERE, what's that?
Whether number one or two, but can you imagine Aunt Olga finding that brownie?

Why not, why stop at number one, why not go all the way, number two's the one that truly can't wait anyhow if you ask me.

And it's all right with some folks but not at all with others so I keep an empty big mouth gatorade bottle in my truck and since tinted windows are illegal here I pretend to do paperwork, number two's a bit trickier but I'll unhook the trailer because it's easier to drive and if there's no time I'd still rather go in my pants than in some customer's back yard (that having been said I haven't had any accidents yet).

All in all I think it's been 7 or so years since the last time I went in someone's back yard,
today the thought still crosses my mind at times but I just won't do it.

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