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Originally Posted by Patriot Services View Post
Some poorly worded ones this year. Intentionally confusing for the masses. Some are no brainers. The one about letting the legislature name justices is about as ballsy as it gets. Screw the snowbirds, they need to pay full share. Once again government is trying to weasel its way into the abortion isssue, leave it up to the woman. The last thing we need is more unwanted kids to take care of.
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It appears that I share similar views on many of these with you. Essentially many of these if not all are essentially tax breaks. I am with you on the snow birds for sure. They can kiss my tail. They are fortunate enough to have two homes, one here and one elsewhere , and we should give them a tax break now? Really? The koch brothers spent a good amount from my understanding wanting to remove those justices. And I agree with you on the women, why should I or the Gov't be able to tell them what they can not do with their body? How much does the average unwanted child cost us in the long run?

Last but not least, you are correct, the wording on the amendments is written in a way which is not common to most of the public, but often made to sound like you are voting for one issue but when in fact you would not like that issue to pass. Which is why is might be a good thing to discuss here.
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