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^Sorry site won't let me edit - have to repost:

Okay question - assuming I can't get a landscaper to dig me a trench... I have two options

1- Place plants under the deck - almost no wind. Buttom is concrete not grass though - water, then mulch 'em in.... now it's concrete... so...

2- Place them on grass, water them, mulch 'em in - may be windy-ish

Which of the two is better?

EDITING: Okay I need to be honest here... I'm a pathetic excuse for a female (oh and I live alone for the nest 6 months)- I can't lift 40 pounds worth of stuff - much less dig a hole that will fit a 140++ pound plant (the larger one is). I can dig a large not-so-deep hole and toss the plants in then cover with mulch. Would this work? A hole that may not cover the entire pot, then water it, then mulch it. If I have to, I could remove the mulch during the winter and water it every so often. Problem is... we're fully landscaping and we got actual rocks! Yes rocks... the person before us had a drive way build and filled the ground with pebbles/rocks or something - hence the total landscaping... so planting is not an option. The backyard is for grass and that has already been layed so I don't want to disrupt it but digging holes there (at least temporary holes).
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