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WOW, been extremely busy. Was working on day 2 of a clean-up that we do once per year for a customer. Consists of Cabbage Palms, Palmettos, a bougie framed around front door, citrus trees, oaks, etc. We have to go back for day 3 as the customer keeps adding on work, which is great.

Here are some pots that I re-did on Friday for an EXCELLENT client. I'm not going to say how much I get per month for this account, but all I have to do is water pots and maintain pots. It is unbelievable money. Plus, the contractor who originally did the 30-40 some odd pots didn't even put soil in them, just dropped the plastic container in the pots....

Got a job to install 300 jasmine minima in an area that has large oaks and thinned out sod/sandy areas. Got the job from someone who saw another install I did in that neighborhood and thought it was a great idea to put the minima where the oaks are.

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