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Originally Posted by pugs View Post
The wrench I posted is for holding electric clutches while torquing the bolt. Most Warners have a very heavy insert that is round with 2 flat spots but its recessed up so you cant get to the flats easy.

Also for the Honda carbs, honda has a nice Jet cleaning set with 10 sizes of wire that isnt very expensive. Probably have 3-5 of them around the shop right now. Look like torch tip cleaners but they are just smooth wires.
Makes more sense than a bung wrench, especially in a small eng. forum, but that's all I could think of. I use an air impact on most clutch/ crank bolts.

Yeah, I got/had one of them Honda jet cleaning tools, but to tell ya the truth, I usually end up using the ol' wire brush trick.
It ain't rocket science! far.

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