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Originally Posted by Premier GreenScape View Post
I have prices on my website and I feel like it helps my marketing. I also live in a large metro area with lots of competition. We aren't the cheapest or the highest. We are affordably priced and provide exceptional service.

Most of my calls this late summer/fall have been from people where their previous guy up and quit. Normally I find out they were $5-15 cheaper than our price. I still get alot of that buisness.

I have links to my local appraisal district where people can look up their lot size to see what their price is.

I can say this without a doubt thanks to Craigslist. I have tested the same add with and without prices and the one with prices gets a lot more clicks over to my website.

Funny thing is most people still call and want me to give them a price for their lawn service
How do you feel it helps your marketing?
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