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Doin it, You make some great points, There are two books I think are must reads Millionare next door and Think and grow rich, I've read them both countless times. I also have adopted the policy of older trucks mine is an 05 F-150, but new equipment, not for the status symbol but because of the no to low maintaince and less downtime issue's. As a startup or small company the one thing you can't afford is downtime. I also have almost all the same brand of stuff, Toro mowers and Stihl handhelds, although I did buy a snapper push mower last season, should have stuck with a Toro. I keep all my stuff clean and well maintained, I've had customers ask if I even use my stuff LOL! I have my truck detailed once a year and it looks almost new.I always get that "That sure is a nice truck for a landscaping truck" I always reply "And it's paid for is the best part" my organizational skills suck imop Seems I'm always struggling with that, but I've gotten better with time, my ADD makes it hard. I love all my status climbing customers though, they pay for my no status lifestyle that lets me do what I want when I want.
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