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Originally Posted by cpllawncare View Post
Especially in the beginning you need leads coming in everyday, therefore you need a lead generating system in place, IMOP fliers are a huge waste of time and money as far as rate of return, what happens when you get up to twenty or thirty accounts you have to maintain and no longer have time to put out more fliers for more business? I agree word of mouth is the best and cheapest form of advertising but it's also the slowest, who wants to grow slow? I want fast controlled growth, how many new accounts can you handle on a weekly basis? I like two or three a week, it gives me time to rearrange the schedule and adjust the route's without getting overwhelmed.
So you say flyers are a waste, which in some cases they are and sometimes they are not. But how does one get from 10 to 30 accounts? Word of mouth takes a very long time to get from 10 to 30.. I understand that ones you have the 30 accounts you wont have much time to handle passing out fliers. Im in the same boat as the OP

To the OP I was going to start handing out fliers in the next two weeks for next season. Thinking about giving them a "special rate" if they sign up before January 1st or something. Also since you're not allowed to anything in the mail box. I was thinking to buy doorknob bags and but the fliers in that, and hang them on the flag. Or even the door knob. Good luck
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