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I use to put prices on my website with what they will get for that price and I started to receive less phone calls. Most people just want to hear a price. I found it to be a better marketing technique to allow them to call and to actually speak with me on the phone or to have me come out and visit them in person. When they see me in person I get the opportunity to chit chat with them and then I have a higher chance of gaining there business.

The other reason I took the prices down was because I had the suspicion that competitors might be checking my prices out and lower there prices to out bid me. That's one thing I don't want them to do because that will eventual make things hard for me.

The final reason is because people will see your prices and think that's the final price no matter what. For example, a 1/4 acre yard might be $45 and up. All they see is the $45 they don't want to hear that the amount of trees, gardens, hills, etc... may make it higher. You have to see the yard to give a good estimates.
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