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Originally Posted by zimmatic View Post
My desired outcome is simple. A place for everything and everything in its place. As the company grows with product, services, employee's and clients. There needs to be a process in place that makes sure all things are properly acocunted for and stored. When an employee asks "where is that at" I view it as my fault for not having the item clearly marked and in its place. When items are marked properly and the employee asks "where is that at" I pull them off to the side and explain to them how they where trained when they were hired to find the items they need to get their job done properly, and that typically solves the problem. No one likes to be reminded that they did not do their job and asked a stupid question.
I have to make time to solve this problem as I know if I dont it will cause much lost time, productivity, revenue, profit and many headaces for me.
We struggled with this for years and finally bit the bullet last winter. We invested in all new commercial shelving, stackable and card board bins (ULINE has a great selection and then a labeling machine.

I cannot tell you how much time do this has saved us and we have a labeled bin for every single part that we use including hand tools along with replacement blades etc. We even labeled the areas for poly and valves boxes. Being short a few key parts to complete a job had me running to the supply house at some point in the day only to then have to drive those parts to the job.

Do it right the first time since once you get going you will realize you are doing something that is going to put all the money spent back into your pocket.

Nozzle bins was another key component and before I started having one of my managers (who used to work at Ewing) do all the ordering, Ewing would come to the shop 3 times a week to restock. I had a number next to the part basically telling them how many of each part or case we needed to have on the shelf.

1" Slip 90 ELL, Qty. 6 Basically meaning we always wanted 6 cases in stock.
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