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Originally Posted by ed2hess View Post
Can you tell me which brand your welder is....can't see it well. And interesting my first project will be to mount something for a blower. Is your rack for back pack or handheld? Likes like I will have to go 220V for sure but that is not a problem.
Originally Posted by Patriot Services View Post
That's a Clarke. Not a bad mid price welder. The rack is for a backpack blower. 220v is the only way to go. 115v welders can barely weld foil. My next shop toy will be a plasma cutter. Tired of torch cutting. Gotta love tools.
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Thanks Patriot. Yep, it's a Clarke 160EN 220V MIG. I figured I would go ahead and buy a 220V just to be able to weld thicker steel if I needed to. I still haven't picked up a bottle for it yet, all my projects so far have been with flux core. I hear it's much nicer welding with gas (obviously cleaner than flux core).
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