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Work in AK for the Summer (2013 and beyond)

With H2B having become ridiculous, we have decided to get 'immigrant' labor from the lower 48.

We are setting ourselves up with cabins for temporary employees to live in.

We need guys interested in coming up to work 4 days a week, 10 hours a day from may until september 30.

Living accommodations are supplied, that means no cost for rent, electricity, heat etc.
Use of company vehicle for personal travel to go fishing or what not on your days off (has to be shared by a crew, not enough vehicles for each individual guy)

and we pay between $12 and $17./hr depending on what you can do.

Positions in Maintenance and Installation available.

Crew Leads, operators, laborers.

The Idea works best for people from hotter climates, where summer is miserable (texas, arizona, new mexico etc) you work here in AK during the worst time to live down there, and then can return home for the winter, during the worst time up here (winter)

Summer Temps up here range from 55 to 75 degrees.

Let know if anyone is interested in rent free summer work in AK with 3 days a week free to go fishing or explore what AK has to offer.

Come "immigrate" to AK for the summer!
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