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Originally Posted by THEGOLDPRO View Post
I have probably peed in about 75% of my customers yards at one point or another over the years. Then again im in a pretty wooded area so maybe that helps us hide better. Either way if i gotta piss im gonna go piss. I have had people over the years sneak up on me while i have been peeing and just laugh about it.
you sound like me. i understand a lot of people will feel different about it but peeing on a fence in a corner where no way anyone would ever see does not seem that big of a deal to me.

customers are 90% never home and doubt they want one of my dirty grassy hispanic workers in their home. this guy has dogs so they pee all over the yard and worried about pee on a fence?

guess i'm old fashioned and don't see a problem with peeing outside...i've done it for 15 years with no problems.
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