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Originally Posted by FerrisDiesel View Post
I'm curious to see how you guys come up with a price in regards to curbside leaf pick ups. I haven't done alot of them, but want to do more of them this year, but I want the pricing to be spot on. I have a couple places I can dump for free, and the rest up in the northern part of the state I dump at the landfill for $20.00 a load.
I'm not looking for your prices, just a formula to make sure I have everything covered, ex:

time to suck up pile x dumping fee x mileage = price


hourly rate / time to suck up pile + dumping fee = price

Only you can figure out that price. You know what you use for equipment and how you go about the job. I have sucked up lots of customer raked piles over the years and have sucked up piles for other mowing opperators that didn't have the proper equipment. It didn't take long to find out that mr home owner puts all kinds of "stuff" into the pile. You need to figure at least an extra 1/2 hour for junk removal. I worked on an hourly $$ value. You need to know how big of a pile will fit into your truck and how long it will take to suck it up. Dry leaves go a lot faster than wet and most times the home owner will take his time putting up the piles, meaning they will most likly be wet and packed down by the time your called to remove them. Its better to figure on the high side for each job when giving an estemate to cover yourself for the unknown.
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