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Originally Posted by ArTurf View Post
Leaves take many times the work of just mowing. Each yard is different, depends on the amount of trees and etc. It is very easy to screw yourself if you don't know how to estimate, I know I did early on. Warning, people will take advantage of teenagers and people with little business experience. I really can't give you a number without being in your shoes.

Some advice I will give you is start running your business like you actually paid for ALL of you equipment & vehichles. Obtain a business license which is usually required by your city. Report your earnings and pay taxes. Point is run it like a legitimate business. This way you will learn how to properly run a business and the real costs. I know you probably won't do these things but if you do you will be much wiser earlier in life. Don't strive to be the person who does it for the cheapest price.
Thanks for the reply! What I plan on doing is if this year goes well then I will get insurance, and look into a business licence and taxes. I've made more money that I had first thought. I've been keeping track off all my expenses, earnings, and wages to my business partners. I've bought all my equipment myself (used) and do the maintenance my self as well.

Like "Davideslawncare "said, I'll look at all my expenses and then work from there to see how much I want to make as profit off of that.

And as for methods of leaf removal, what do you think is the most efficient? Using the truck mounted leaf Vacs would to me be the best way but right now I can't afford anything like that right now. Any experience with mulching?

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