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we have 3 guys going, start with either 2 or 1 guy blowing out the landscape into the yard, the third is on a walk behind mulching, we done use mulch kits for 2 reasons, 1 we bag with the walk behinds also, 2 its much easier on the mower under high amounts of leafs (you can lift the front tires)

we go over untill all the leaves are well mulched, then go over with out 60" rider and walk behind bagging them, by this time the 3rd guy either cleans up with the blower or sits in the dump waiting for us to bring the debris over

this is very effecient for us, i cant see how anyone can just tarp leaves into trucks without mulching or using a leaf vac

next year we plan on getting a leaf vac, to be honest there are only a few places where this will be more efficient but it will pack better in the dump

Point is, for you i would mulch the leaves first, then go over just like you were mowing, leaving stripes and what not

price wise we charge a minimum of 330 to come twice
it works out to be around $50/mh, although this year we started late so most of the leaves were down 1st round, 2nd round should be 2x faster

i know some people just continue to mow and bag every week but i dont like this concept as the grass wont be growing and its easier to damage the lawn by mowing when its not growin
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