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Originally Posted by cjohn2000 View Post
First of all I am an irrigation tech. for a very small business (4 employees, summer) My boss is also a friend I have known for years before I started working for him. My biggest problem is how to get paid, he always tells me that he is waiting on a check so he can give me some money. I don't make much at 11 an hour, no benefits. I have tried to be flexible and understand that commercial work takes time to get paid. But now he owes me $2300 plus gas, because I front gas for our sprinkler van, plus misc costs, oil, parts, etc. Most of his problems are brought on by himself trying to manage everything and nothing. I don't want to burn a bridge and lose a friend or lose my job, while I wait to hear back on another job because I already know its time to move on, but he needs to take care of us (employees). Its funny because one time he strung me out on paychecks for 5 weeks and I finally told him to get me a check or I was going to L & I. I tried to help him with his business organization, we implemented a work order form to help keep track of time and materials. I'm at wits end and to top it off he like to talk trash about the competition or tell me he had employees come back because things didn't work out with the competition. So what do you guys think is my best option? I don't want to ruin a friendship or lose my job until I get another one but this snowball of back pay has to end. Thanks, Corey.

If you are a friend then you should know what he spends all his money on. Irrigation work makes great profit and at your labor rate, this guy is raking in the money if he is billing correctly.

I would guess.... Drug problem. But you should know since your his friend.

Maybe you should take your $2300.00 and invest it in your own irrigation business. Never talk trash though, bad character.
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