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Originally Posted by matt_e_o View Post
Thanks for the reply! What I plan on doing is if this year goes well then I will get insurance, and look into a business licence and taxes. I've made more money that I had first thought. I've been keeping track off all my expenses, earnings, and wages to my business partners. I've bought all my equipment myself (used) and do the maintenance my self as well.

Like "Davideslawncare "said, I'll look at all my expenses and then work from there to see how much I want to make as profit off of that.

And as for methods of leaf removal, what do you think is the most efficient? Using the truck mounted leaf Vacs would to me be the best way but right now I can't afford anything like that right now. Any experience with mulching?

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The way you are doing it is the good given the equipment you have. That is the way I did starting out. I now use a mower with a dump-from-seat system with a debris loader on a dump bed truck which is way more efficient but this is a HUGE investment.
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