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Originally Posted by Danscapes View Post
looks good. But one question, what is the 4" pipe for that is next to the boulder in the first pic?
Originally Posted by Steiner View Post
That is a drain waiting for a nice custom brass drain gate.

Actually I went a little overboard with drainage on this particular job and I really did not need the drain. I was not sure how large of boulders the customer would select and I did not want water flow to get trapped behind the boulder. In the end the pitch of the fire pit area and the pitch of the main area worked perfectly and made this drain not really needed.

Good question.
Those boulders clash with the brick wall. Artistically there is now reason for them. If the customer had to have something more then just a plain wall end then make the brick wall end as an over sized brick columns, or decorative lighting on the ends of the wall or both.

Those rocks lock like what are we going to do with these left over rocks? Their too heavy to take back so lets just stick them there.
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