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Originally Posted by bjm95 View Post
Do you ever wonder if you fire too many guys? I just fired my 2nd guy in about 6 weeks. They know what they need to do and I let them know if they are pushing it with bad attitudes etc.. but they don't seem to listen so I fire them. It's getting old and I wonder if there is something else I should do.

Thanks for the input.
LOL, welcome to the fun side of this business. We've been through 8 or 9 guys this year. Its a sign of the times, very few people both young and older have any type of work ethic. so many people these days think they're entitled. We just hired on 2 guys after the other 2 who were with us pretty much all summer just quite showing up. It doesn't faze me anymore, yes it's left us in a bind a few times but we got through it then moved on to "the next guy". This last batch of applicants looks very promising, even had a few guys call back multiple times which is a new thing for us. We started doing the normal interview then a working interview. I let them all know if it doesnt work out so long, no offense but things aren't going to work out. You can usually tell if they're going to work out or not in a matter of a day or so.
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