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South Jax/Orange Park/Fleming Isle companies

Hey guys,

My parents were in town visiting me this weekend and I was talking to my dad about lawn stuff and was surprised when he told me they use TG for their turf care. They live on Fleming Island in Eagle Harbor and have St Augustine for turf... maybe 4-5k Sq ft if I had to guess. Can anyone recommend a good turf care company in that area? My dad said he has no problem switching companies, he just picked TG because he didn't know anyone else (The great marketing that TG has going for them ). I'll admit, their lawn doesn't look that bad... But I don't know much about St Aug since I don't deal with it up here. He said they have some sort of weed that TG claims they can't get rid of and the only solution is to resod. I personally haven't seen the weed so I couldn't ID it properly and he doesn't remember what they called it.

Any information would be appreciated. Thanks guys
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