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Originally Posted by jbell36 View Post
We were doing a mulch prep job today and were taking off the top layer of dirt and mulch, about a 50/50 mixture...Could a debris loader, such as a 20 HP ish billy goat, be able to suck up dirt and mulch, or would that cause too much stress on the machine? I saw the video of a billy goat sucking up bottles and phone books so i figure you can pretty much suck up anything, but i don't have experience with these...anyone have the answer to this?

Also, if you are just sucking out old mulch, are the longer pieces/sticks a concern for getting caught in the impeller and jamming up the machine?
Well first off you would probably shorten the life of the impeller blade by a lot. Secondly, I think it would take too long to do it vs. raking it out and loading it into a wheel barrow. It will suck it up but it will also get stuck in the tube then you have to lift a now 75lb hose up to feed it into the impeller. Plus if your that close to the mulch beds that the hose would reach just rake it onto the curb or tarp it then empty it onto the curb a use a skid steer to load it all.
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