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Originally Posted by 94gt331 View Post
Whats there problems mostly, is it just there bad attitudes. If they have bad attitudes it's for the best that you get rid of them. That's most of my problem with my guys. I tell them not to complain and whine about stuff at the job because it brings everyone down, and it's disrespectful to me the boss i think. Unfortunately, i listen to there crap sometimes and let it slide just so we can keep getting work done.
I do the same thing, I just let it go sometimes but then I get my fill and let them go. This last guy would bring his home problems to work, if he didn't get to mow when he wanted to, he would pout and work slow and just not talk or look at anyone. Like you said it brings guys down and everyone would walk on egg shells. Today was the last straw with a nother hissy fit from him,so I fired him.
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