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They are on trainee pay.. others are on 11.25.. My trainees are again on more than the big boys I mentioned.... One had a supervisor on 9.50....... so I definitely know, just because they're large doesn't make them right. I just didn't want to get it wrong myself. Mine are just verrrrry slow getting from the shop to the first cut.. It should take no more than 20 mins and they're taking up to 45 mins. I need to sharpen them up... And that's after they've done 30 mins morning maintenance..
I was thinking around $13 for a supervisor.. I may need a manager/ supervisor, as I may not be well enough in the coming months to cover some of t on my own..s I was thinking (toying with) salaring a manager to some admin scheduling but with some shop work ( maintenance) and exercising some quality control/ supervision.
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