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although a skid would be ideal, it's not very practical...if it was a big enough job we would have possibly brought the tractor...

here's our situation...we have about 6 landscape beds, 6 feet by 20 feet, with old mulch and the natural edging has faded over time, so we redid the natural edging to where we had excess dirt...we loaded the wheel barrow and wheeled it over to our dump, but it takes two guys to lift a full wheel barrow into the truck, that's when i started thinking if we had a leaf rig with a debris loader could we just use the loader to suck the dirt out...

that's a good point on the dirt getting stuck in the tube, we had a trac-vac a few years ago that would get full of dirt/mud if it was too wet, and it got very heavy and unproductive...

what about straight mulch, would that be an issue?
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