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I don't understand the reluctance to give up a brand name. It's not throwing them under the bus.. it's facts. Maybe someone with similar experience can point to a fix to solve the problems.

Back when my Toolcat was a fairly new piece of machinery my dealer's service department didn't have a lot of experience troubleshooting a particular problem. It took me posting on another forum to get some ideas of where I could look. This was after I spent about $600 at the dealer fixing a component that turned out not to be the problem. Since I kind of led the dealer down that road with what "I thought", I didn't ask them for a refund. Had I been more diligent in searching out the problem, I would have saved myself $600 and about two years of living with a problem. Even Bobcat Technical support was a mile off on their diagnosis of "what it could be" via email. After a few posts online, I got ideas of where to look and found a simple answer to why my machine was leaning. The part was about $10 of my time...

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