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Good day today, as well as Friday, and Saturday. Both Friday and Saturday afternoon were cold, cold, and cold. Apparently, I didn't dress warm enough. Today, I did dress warmer and was OK. Hands: cold! Double gloves, but hands on the ZTR handles, or on the w/b handles (metal) is a killer. What is everybody using? Every year, my hands are more of a problem than the year before -- just keep getting more difficult to keep warm. Circulation must be getting slower and slower -- just like the rest of the body!

Weather forecast looks dry the next several days. Lots of leaves to process! However, I am beginning to see "over the hump." Many of the bigger trees have dropped 80% or more. Some optimism in the mix of perspectives.

Yea, dark early! Left at 7:00 this morning, home by 5:30. Sunset is listed at 5:12 p.m. for today.
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