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I hate this time of year. too cold for just a tshirt - too hot with a jacket!
I keep several weights of jackets/denim/flannel shirts in the truck so I can switch as needed.

I did wear light gloves on and off today. Mostly because I was doing cleanups though.
I have half a dozen styles of gloves and just choose the one best suited for the job/temperature. After hunting season, I pick up a bunch of clearanced stuff at Wmart from the hunting section.
Today I wore lightweight gloves that are sort of like jersey gloves, but better material with a more snug fit. I think they are marketed for archery season when it's not really cold, but you want something lightweight for warmth and camouflage, while being thin enough to "feel" through to work your bow.

For COLD weather, my all time favorite was thermal glove liners (like old long johns material) inside cheap jersey gloves. They keep my hands warm and allow me to move my fingers enough to work in. (I hate thick, winter gloves)
I can't find those liners any more, so last winter I picked up a ton of "one size fits all" "stretchy" gloves at the dollar store. They aren't worth a damn as "gloves", but work GREAT as liners because they are snug against your fingers and fit under most larger gloves giving you an insulated layer.
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