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Originally Posted by Copacabana View Post
Arthur's carry Toro and Scag for mowers and still and echo for handhelds.

whats the name of your business again?
No name yet, this is just a side business for now, actually never thought I was going to do as well as I am doing now. For now I am that random kid everyone on this forum hates who is just trying to get by while he is in school. Next year I am going full time and will have a name, trailer, bigger equipment, ect.

If you see a green F150 with an Exmark 21 and a Snapper push mower in the back, chances are that is me
2006 Ford F150
5x8 Trailer
Exmark Lazer Z X Series
Exmark Turf Tracer S Series 48 (x 3)
Toro and Exmark Push Mowers
Stihl and Echo Handhelds
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