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Originally Posted by bjm95 View Post
I do the same thing, I just let it go sometimes but then I get my fill and let them go. This last guy would bring his home problems to work, if he didn't get to mow when he wanted to, he would pout and work slow and just not talk or look at anyone. Like you said it brings guys down and everyone would walk on egg shells. Today was the last straw with a nother hissy fit from him,so I fired him.
Wow! Sounds exactly like the problems I had with a few guys this year as well. It must be the new generation of landscape and construction labors in general that act like this. Some of these guys just can't get there lives together and will be miserable at work. It is hard on me the boss, I allways feel like I have to baby my employees to keep everyone in the right attitude for work each day, that ends of leaving me with alot of uneeded stress. You sooner or lator have to get rid of those guys and just keep trying to find new guys. My new goal every year is to have a good solid crew for each season, by the end of the year I usually have to get new guys in thye spring, because most of my guys had enough of landscaping by the fall. Your not alone buddy, most guys on here will agree.
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