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PA but im looking to target NJ. It's where Im originally from. I have more contacts there and the competition isnt nearly as bad. I have some friends in Grand Rapids. How far are you from there?

here's some interesting stats I saw. they are somewhat general but might aid in your marketing schemes a bit.

Gardening and Lawn Care Services.
Best customers:
Householders aged 55 or older.
High-income households.
Married couples without children.
College graduates.
(Source: Best Customers. Demographics of consumer demand. New strategist.)

According to a Gallup survey, Americans age 50 or older are the
largest consumer group that purchases professional landscape, lawn and
tree-care services. Their spending accounted for nearly 50 percent of
the total household spending on household lawn-care services.
Homeowners in the western part of the United States led the total
spending on these service, accounting for more than one-third, or 38
percent of all expenditures.

Those with a house with a market value of $200,000 were twice as
likely to use a lawn care service than those with a value of $86,000.
Those approaching retirement were more likely to use a lawn care
service than those under 40 years.
Market value of house and percentage of homeowner that use a lawn care service.
$86,000 - 20%
$95,228 - 22%
$124,000 - 27%
$200,000 - 44%

Homeowners age and percentage that use a lawn care service.
35 - 21%
44 - 19%
54 - 22%
60 - 27%
65 - 34%
70 - 45%
(Source: Reaching Diverse Homeowner Audiences with Environmental
Lanscape Programs: Comparing Lawn Service Users and Nonusers. Glenn D.
Israel and Gary W. Knox. University of Florida.)>
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