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Honda HHT25 SLTA or Husqvarna 224L?

I searched the web as I figured someone would have asked this before. Couldn't find squat. I'm certian the Honda is a champion trimmer but I'm not so sure about the husky. It seems as if their stuff lately has been pretty user friendly and overall just designed well.

Since they have the same heart (Honda GX25), which is better and why?

The Honda is ~$350 new and the Husky is ~$330.

Or for a homeowner would getting the 35cc Honda trimmer make more sense for only $30 more?

I'm currently using a 30cc 2 stroke John Deere (Homelite) s1400. I've had it for 7+ years and its really been an amazing trimmer. It starts 2nd-3rd pull every time and I think it has a ton of power. I briefly owned a poulan pro 25cc 2 stroke trimmer (bought off Craigslist to have something to mess with/take apart to see what makes these little 2 stroke engines run but ended up fixing it and reselling it on the list. But that thing was absolutely horrible.

So what can you tell me?
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