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Maybe I should have phrased it better.. I pay FROM $9 these are my new starters and trainees..
Others $11.25 to 11.75. Which in my area is way way above average.
3 large commercial firms are paying $8 labor and $9.50 for a crew leader.. And the workers get haphazard hours.
I guarantee mine winter hours, they just sack half the work force in fall. (I know as the workers are knocking on my door asking for work)
Many contracts in this area for lawns are $55 to $75 per Month. ( for 4-5 cuts! In summer) Well below other areas, because of cut throat management companies. Residents don't understand ( or maybe they do!) the meaning of annual contracts.. And defect in fall.. Non payment is hugely on the rise, owners or tenants abandoning properties without letting us or pool guys know.. So we continue service until we realise perhaps 30-60 days later we aint getting paid. non payment on mine has doubled in 12 months, and I've tightened up the best possible. Many commercial contracts are getting non viable, large firms putting in low ball bids.. Off the back of paying a non living wage...
I pay a loyalty bonus twice a year to those who have performed well. yet I have had to sack staff for theft of company property or turning up drugged up... It Is getting hard to make a living in central Florida.
I have friends on the coast who can command more and can pay more, but whilst the big guys offer peanuts for contracts and pay workers peanuts, we will struggle to compete
and whilst there are droves of illegal and cash in hand rigs going round, the average small business is being hurt.
This led me to wonder what other small to medium firms were paying and if I hire a manager / supervisor what I should be looking to pay.
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