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Originally Posted by LWG View Post
That's pretty standard contract law, and I don't know that Maryland is any different from other states in that regard. In fact, that's the hornbook definition of a contract.

I think the pool builder will find that there was communication and agreement between the landscaper and owner. If not, I really have to question how attached to reality the landscaper is.
I agree. I wasn't implying that MD is different than any other state, I was jus pointin out that that's how the court system views things.

When I hear this story and stories like this it makes me wonder how a person with such a mentality can live day to day. It makes me wonder how a person like this treats their employees, and his/her spouse/S.O.

And then the attorney that sent the letter to the pool builder. When I've had issues and contacted my attorney the first words out o his mouth have been "let me take a look at your contract". When the landscaper said "we don't have a contract", now could the attorney justify moving forward? I don't really need an answer to that question, of course we know the answer, as we all know some attorneys are dirty people.
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