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Hello Anyway, you are wise to consult a good law firm on this matter. Glad to see you aren't shortsighted and realize there may be great financial pain ahead that you need to investigate further with the help of a good attorney. We know scientists are still studying the longterm effects of this destructive chemical. Property value loss is a big thing not addressed in the settlements I'm hearing about, nor in mine. It is real. Then, disclosing to a potential buyer that the toxin was in or could still be in your property is another financial pitfall we may encounter. And, what of any responsibilities placed on us in the future by local authorities or the EPA if they decide owners must do more to remove the toxin or stop it from migrating into adjacent properties or streams? From what I understand, this is far from over.

Also, notice any of your other plants that were not evaluated. They may have also suffered hindered growth. Some scientists are collecting leaves and branches from what appear to be healthy trees and shrubs and finding their growth rate was drastically impaired. That's not always visible unless experts do comparisons. I personally believe the damage we see with our human eyes around our properties is just the tip of the iceberg.
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