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Originally Posted by jones68 View Post
i have a 550 and a redmax 8500 the redmax out performs the stihl hands down. that thing is a beast for blowing leaves well worth the money for it i will be buying another for next year no doubt about it. the 550 would be good for your daily blowing of driveways and sidewalks but for leaf clean up the 8500 is the best way to go. the redmax 8500 and the husky 580 are basicly the same blower with just a few bells and whistles different. i think the husky has different straps than the redmax
Yes the Husky has a padded waist belt and a chest strap. It also has clips instead of screws to hold the air filter cover on and the fuel tank is a little bigger. I think the waist belt is a big plus for the Husky...nice to be able to take most of the load off your shoulders.

I bought mine last fall as a cleanup only machine but find it saves me time on my mowing route too...nice to be able to blow off pavement from 25 or 30 feet away and blowing out under my truck and trailer is no longer a process like it used to be...just give a good blast under there.
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